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Frequently Asked Questions

First Provisional Driving Licence

Q. Where do I get a Driving Licence?

A. You can get your first provisional driving licence (a) Apply on line (the internet) the cost is £34.00 or you can apply by post by completing the D1 application form which you can get from a post office, the fee of £43.00 is payable to DVLA postal applications could take up to three weeks. When you've completed the application form send it to DVLA Swansea SA99 1AD


Q. What age can I start driving?

A. In the UK Age 17


Q. When can I start driving?

A. You must have a UK or NI valid driving licence, be medically fit and meet the minimum 

eye sight standard (able to read a number plate at 20 meters) if glases or contact lenses are required you must bring them with you and wear them.


Theory Test

Q. Where do I take my Theory Test and how do I arrange the appointment?

A. Discuss this with your Driving Instructor or check the link Theory Test on this website .


Q. Do I need to pass my Theory Test before I can start driving?

A. NO. Most student drivers experience some training with their Driving Instructor then arrange their Theory Test appointment.


Practical Driving Test

Q. Where do I take my Practical Driving Test?

A. Our local Practical Driving Test Centre is here in Brecon approximately 1/2 a mile from the town centre, check the link Practical Test on this website.


Q. When will I be ready for my Practical Driving Test?

A. When you can drive without any assistance, verbal or physical, if your Instructor has to prompt you or take control of the vehicle (step in with the brake or assist with steering) you are not ready.


Q. When should I arrange my Practical Test appointment?

A.  When you are a driver almost at test standard, able to control the car with only minor errors, then you can arrange you Driving Test appointment. Discus this with your Driving Instructor before you arrange your appointment.


Q. Does the DVSA or examiner supply the car for the Driving Test?

A. NO. It is the students responsibility to make arrangements for a suitable vehicle which is correctly insured for their driving test. Should you wish to use your instructors car for your Practical Driving Test Appointment, make sure you discuss this with your Driving Instructor before you arrange the appointment.


Q. Can I use a hire car for my Practical Driving Test?

A. NO. The insurance is invalid.


Q. Can I use my own vehicle for instruction and the driving test?

A. Yes. Providing the vehicle is in proper condition and has valid insurance, you must notify your insurance company what your intentions are, (a) if you are receiving instruction from a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and (b) you wish to use your vehicle for the Practical Driving Test, the insurance company must approve this.


Q. How often should I have a driving Lesson?

A. We recomend you drive with your indsructor at least once or twice a week.


First Driving Lesson

Q. I Have never driven a car before what can I expect on my first lesson?

A. On the first lesson your instructor will need to see your driving licence and check if it's valid, an eye sight check (read a number plate at 20 meters) if glases or contact lenses are required you must bring them with you and wear them. Your instructor will give several explanations then your instructor will demonstrate moving off and parking, with help and guidance the student will experience their first lesson. You have a very patient instructor, there is no pressure on the student, we progress at the students pace, any mistakes are strictly confidential. For your assurance your training vehicle is a specially adapted dual controlled car and should the need arise your instructor will take control of the car.

Rest assured your in safe hands.

For your first lesson we recomend a double slot (a two hour lesson)


You will find lots of useful information on our website please check all the links


If you have any queries regarding your driver training please feel free to contact us.

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Why choose us



Clean modern dual controlled car


Patient Professional Instructor


Full time Driving Instructor


Same car and instructor every lesson


Reliable: Won't let you down.

When you've arranged your appointment slot your instructor will be there every time and on time


We do not cancel or re-slot your appointments


Complimentary booklets and handouts.


Over 40 years experience in the driver training industry


You are never under any sales pressure you are in control all the time, should you wish to cancel or re-slot an appointment all we ask is 48 hours notice


Local pick up Brecon Town and surrounding area


Sold to a standard not to a price

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